For Healthy Trees at Your Property

For Healthy Trees at Your Property

Contact us for plant health care in Loveland, CO

Protect your trees from bugs, fungus and bad weather. Dillmann's Tree Service, Inc. provides tree care services to homeowners in Loveland, CO and surrounding areas.

Are your trees getting enough nutrients? Are they infested with harmful insects? Call us today to come out and inspect your trees. We’ll treat them to make sure they continue to grow strong and healthy.

Our trained and certified tree care specialists use Arborjet insecticides and chemicals to remove fungus and bugs from trees.

If your tree is suffering from Dutch elm disease, we can treat that, too.

Contact us today to give your trees the nutrients they need.

How does tree injection work?

Trust your trees’ health to Dillmann's Tree Service. We’ve been treating trees in the Loveland, CO area for over 20 years.

To get your trees the nutrients and helpful chemicals they need, we:

  • Inspect the condition of the trees on your property.
  • Remove trees that are dead and beyond saving.
  • Drill small holes in your diseased or insect-infested trees.
  • Prepare the necessary Arborjet nutrients, chemicals and insecticides.
  • Inject the chemicals directly below the bark into the trees’ water system.

The tree will move the chemicals throughout its cambium and insects and disease will disappear. Hire Dillmann's Tree Service now to breathe life back into your trees.